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Montreal Mesivta Goes On Shabbaton

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In honour of Tes and Yud Kislev, Mesivta Ateres Menachem went on a Shabbaton for Parshas Vayeitzei. The Bochrim spent Shabbos at the luxurious L'Urbainia Hotel and Conference Centers in Trois Rivieres, Quebec where every two Bochrim got their own room to stay in.

Shortly after the Bochrim arrived at the Hotel, there was a lavish spread of Erev Shabbos food. After the food, the Bochrim had a chance to shower and go to Mikvah followed by a Seder Sichos.

After Shabbos came in and Kabolas Shabbos, the Bochrim sat down to a beautiful Seudas Shabbos. The Seuda stretched into a Farbrengen that went on late into the night with every Bochur having a chance to say a Dvar Torah.

The Mesivta was privileged to have Rabbi Velvel Butman, Shliach of the Rebbe to Westchester, New York spend Shabbos with the Bochrim and inspire them throughout the Shabbos.

Shabbos morning everyone got up to go to Mikvah and learn Chasidus. Following that was Breakfast and Davening.

After Davening the Bochrim sat down to a very special Seudas Shabbos Farbrengen with Rabbi Butman which lasted more than two hours past the Zman of Yetzias Hashabbos.

After Maariv and Havdallah, the Bochrim packed their stuff and headed to a special Closing Ceremony led by Rabbi Raskin.

At the Ceremony, Rabbi Raskin thanked everyone who made this wonderful Shabbaton happen. Special Momentos were given out then, a Perek Mem Alef Card with translation.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Rabbi Butman for coming to spend Shabbos with the Bochrim and Inspire them.

We would like to thank the Traurig Family for generously sponsoring the Hotel and all the food.

Obviously, it goes without saying that we would like to thank Rabbi Raskin for coordinating and making sure that the whole Shabbaton experience was smooth from start to finish. We would also like to thank Rabbi Sperlin for going out of his way to drive the Bochrim there and back.

Last but not least, we would like to thank R' Moshe Rosenblum for catering our Shabbaton and all the Bochrim who helped coordinate the Shabbaton.

Below are some pictures that were taken before and after Shabbos.

Mesivta Ateres Menachem of Montreal is directed by Rabbi Sperlin, Rabbi Raskin and Rabbi Karp proudly serving Montreal and beyond for 10 years.

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