• Mesivta Ateres Menachem

Mivtza Yud Shvat Announced At The Mesivta

In Honor of Yud Shvat Hanholas Hayeshiva has announced a new Mivtza.

The Mivtza works as follows, there are two parts, Timidim K'sidram and Musafim K'hilchasam.

The Timidim K'sidram part is to strengthen in Shmiras Hasedarim, and Musafim K'hilchasam is to attend all the after seder nightly mivtzas and learn a Maamar of Basi Legani by heart.

Any Bochur who fulfills participates and completes this Mivtza will receive a set of the Rebbe's Chiddushim on his Father Reb levik's Torah, a Five volume set that will be released and printed by Lahak for Yud Shvat Shnas Hashivim.

The Mesivta would like to thank Hatomim Yosef Hakohen Vaisfiche for designing the sign announcing the Mivtza

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